Selfie Sunday

Last week the American Heritage Dictionary added the word selfie to its dictionary. It, along with other recent pop culture words were added over the word twerk. Here are the words defined paired with an Urban Dictionary example of each.



Selfie (n.) a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.

“My homework was too boring, so I took a selfie of me taking a selfie and posted it to tumblr and Facialbook so others could too, because I’m not self-ish.”
Autocomplete (n.): a function, as on a search engine, that supplies one or more options of predicted words or phrases beginning with the characters that a user has already entered.

“My mom always go to Google and double click on the search bar. Then I figured out how to turn autocomplete off.”

Couch Surf (v.): to stay as a guest at another’s house or at various houses in succession, especially when sleeping on a sofa or on the floor.

“Can I couch surf at your parent’s house, until I get a job?”

Crema (n.): the light brown foam on top of a serving of espresso.

*Unable to find any mentions of crema in Urban Dictionary*

Drifting (n.): a technique in motorsports in which the driver briefly oversteers at the start of a turn, causing the rear of the vehicle to enter a controlled lateral skid until the turn is complete.

“Takumi was seen on Interstate 81, in his 1986 Toyota Corolla ,drifting along the many curves in the road.

Photobomb (v.): to move unexpectedly and quickly into the frame of a photograph that is being taken of someone or something.

“Sarah: Hey why is jimmy in the background of our prom picture?
Ryan: IDK, he must have photobombed it at the last second.”

Session Beer (n.): a relatively low-alcohol beer suitable for consumption over the course of a long session of drinking.

“A light-bodied summer ale would make a good session beer.”

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